10 Tips For Catering Your Office Meetings & Lunches

Food, glorious food! No matter how cool we play it on the outside, it’s a rare office worker who doesn’t perk up at the sight of free cookies. But not all office food is created equal. Good catering can be the shining spot in a long, challenging day of meetings or training—refreshing and reviving everyone for the afternoon ahead. Bad catering can cause a million problems: slow, sluggish brains; indigestion; blood sugar crashes; and worse. If you’re an office manager, it can be a lot of pressure to make sure the office lunch is a success and that your colleagues are happy!

Here’s our checklist of our favorite office lunch catering ideas, tips, and tricks to help you provide the best catering for your workplace:

Get a final headcount: There’s nothing like running out of food to start off a chorus of rumbling stomachs and grumbling participants. It sounds obvious, but things can change quickly and you don’t want to find out five minutes before the meeting that the entire accounting team i…